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Why We’re Thankful For Coworking Spaces

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Impact Hub Austin coworkers!
We’re thankful for you every day.


‘Tis the season for spreading gratitude! Gratitude that the election is over. Gratitude that it’s finally, really, truly autumn in Austin, which means it’s officially wear-your-coziest-sweater-and-make-all-the-soups time. Gratitude for our relationships, and gratitude even for those never-ending group texts and email threads that drive us bonkers but also keep us close to loved ones near and far. (Love ya, Aunt Alice! Even if you insist on subjecting 30 family members to a Reply All nightmare every week!)

And, of course, gratitude for the places in our lives that make us feel nurtured, integrated, and loved—like our beloved coworking space. You may want to break out the wine, because we’re about to bring on the cheese. Here are just a few reasons why we’re thankful for the Hub:

People are genuinely happy to be here.

It’s refreshing to be around people who take pride in their work and are happy to be where they are. Being greeted by smiles and high fives every morning is definitely preferable to being greeted by frowns.

…And that’s why we’re all probably gonna live longer. People who like their workplaces tend to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Don’t believe us? It’s science.

Community’s tight.

Newcomers are warmly and quickly welcomed into the fray, and corporate workplace drama and hierarchies are replaced by a tried-and-true sense of community. Gotta love that!

Altruism is encouraged.

Giving back to the community is grounding, helps put things in perspective, reduces stress, and makes a tangible difference in people’s lives—including your own. And at the Hub, there are always community-building events, donation drop-offs, and other service-oriented opportunities to take advantage of.

We love to celebrate each other.

Whether it’s sipping wine at our weekly happy hours, taking part in yoga classes or wellness workshops together, or referring each other for different projects and gigs, we love to lift each other up.

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Justine Harrington is a freelance journalist, essayist, and copywriter for travel and lifestyle brands based in Austin. Her work has appeared in Fodor’s, Backpacker, USA Today, the Austin-American Statesman, Austin Monthly, Austin Woman, Misadventures Magazine, and elsewhere.