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In 2015, nearly 4 million Americans worked remotely at least half the time. In a country with 150 million workers, this represents nearly 3% of the population – and doesn’t include freelancers who work for themselves. Remote work is on the rise. And with the growth of technology and an increasingly global workforce, it’s not going anywhere.


It’s considered a top perk to many people, especially parents who want flexible work schedules they can build around their children. Being in control of your own work schedule, choosing each day’s work location, and being exempt from any work dress code are some of the reasons employees love being remote workers. But why do companies like it?


Since only 3% of Americans are working remotely, it’s still a bonus that companies can offer their workers. That gives companies that choose to do so a competitive edge in the job market. Remote work can also lower a company’s bottom line when it comes to employee costs, and gives them the chance to tap into different work styles. Not everyone thrives in a cubicle, or with having to commute an hour each way to work.

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Possibly the best part of being a remote worker is that the world becomes your office. If you want to work from bed, you can. If you want to work from your favorite coffee shop, you can. Or if you want to join a co-working space, you can.

If you want the benefits of a community, a chance to interact with other people, and a designation between work and home, a coworking space is the answer. Plus, with free coffee and community events, coworking spaces provide more than your coffee shop or bed does!

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Article Written by Kara Perez. Kara Perez is a freelance writer and the founder of Bravely, a financial literacy event company in Austin TX.