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Coworking spaces are becoming more and more common, but each new space is not merely a carbon copy of the ones that have come before it. The different coworking spaces available are just that- different.

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As our work culture shifts more towards freelancing and coworking spaces become a long-term option for remote workers and a space for new businesses to build themselves, it’s important to separate coworking spaces from each other.

Each coworking venue infuses its belief system into its setup, it’s programming and its community. At Impact Hub, we’re focused on supporting the social enterprises that give back to the world. We work to support local businesses that impact Austin in a good way, and globally we partner with people and businesses who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

This is tied up into how we operate. We’re more than just coworking, for example. We offer event space through our partner Vuka, we run business incubators and we host community events. You can come visit us for free for one day to see for yourself.

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Other coworking spaces have different missions. Some may be focused on specific types of businesses, like how Capital Factory focuses on tech companies, or Urban Co-Lab focuses on companies impacting inclusion and education. Some have one location in a specific part of the city, while others have multiple locations.

Finding a coworking space is more than finding the venue that you like most. It’s about finding the company whose values align with yours. It’s about finding the right fit for your lifestyle and for your business. Coworking is more than a room where people work together. When you join a coworking space, you become part of a community. What community do you want to be a part of?


Article Written by Kara Perez. Kara Perez is a freelance writer and the founder of Bravely, a financial literacy event company in Austin TX.