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You’ve heard the term ‘social impact accelerator’ — but what does this mean, exactly?

For businesses who want to use their influence for good, this is where the concept of a social impact accelerator comes in. A social impact accelerator brings do-gooder entrepreneurs together, for a common goal: to provide mentorship and support to people in the community who wouldn’t otherwise have these resources.

While overall interest in social entrepreneurship has been steadily increasing, the concept of social impact accelerators is still relatively new. Accelerators have existed in the tech space for decades, but organizations have only recently begun using this model solely to enact positive change in the world.

At Impact Hub Austin, the social impact accelerator concept fits in perfectly with our mission — to connect local business leaders and organizations to a global movement for good. In other words, we’re about more than just tasty coffee, coworking, and yoga classes (though, to be fair, we do love our coffee and our yoga!) We’re also dedicated to making a positive social impact in Austin, which is why we’re so excited about our Workforce Development Accelerator. This social impact accelerator is focused on connecting economically disadvantaged Austinites to worthwhile job growth opportunities, thereby tackling a key problem in the city’s unaffordability crisis. Over the next three months, the Workforce Development Accelerator will be hard at work on getting more people into middle-skill jobs — and, most importantly, making the city a more affordable place to live for everyone.

Stay tuned for more Workforce Development Accelerator posts and events! Get to know the current Workforce Accelerator Cohort here.

Article Written by Justine Harrington. Justine Harrington is a freelance writer, travel journalist, and ghostwriter for lifestyle and business brands based in Austin, Texas by way of Oklahoma.