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Impact Hub was designed with community in mind. Our Austin locations are part of a global network, but we are strong believers that when you focus on your immediate communities, you can make a greater impact on the community at large. We discover real power when we work together, and inclusion of every community member is a core part of our beliefs.


To that end, we wanted to share some of our community programming. It’s important to talk about the ways our community currently works, and the ways we want to help it improve.

We keep this quote from our  ‘About’ page in our mind each day: “The entire network is based on the belief that a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed, and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.”

When we hear from everyone’s unique perspectives, our collective ideas and efforts are strengthened. Here are some of the ways we’ve created a true impact by hearing from our community.

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Affordable Housing Accelerator

This accelerator is an effort to address the growing housing inequality in Austin. When residents can no longer afford to live here, what does that mean for and about our community? How can we provide real solutions to this issue?

2018 Impact Hub Austin Workforce Development Accelerator


We’re currently accepting applications for people who want to address the growing work and income gap in Austin. Austin is the most economically divided city in the US, and though we create jobs, they’re not going to residents of the city. How can we help those who live in poverty find long-term employment?


Weekly Community Events

From yoga to happy hours to working with outside organizations to host their events in our space, we offer an ongoing palate of events for members and people in Austin. We strive to create space and events that serve our people every week.

You can schedule a tour of Impact Hub today to see what our workspace looks like and if it’s the right fit for you to work out of or host an event of your own. Come be a part of our community.


Written by Kara Perez, a freelance writer and the founder of Bravely, a financial literacy event company in Austin TX.