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Walk into Impact Hub on a Friday and you might catch a meeting of the Society of Women Entrepreneurs. A little over a year old, this group boasts more than a thousand members, all of whom are women in business in Austin. From designers to relationship coaches to authors, the members of the group come to Impact Hub from all different backgrounds.

Founders of Socirty WE: Ellen Smoak (Left) and Lynan Saperstein (Right)

Founders of Socirty WE: Ellen Smoak (Left) and Lynan Saperstein (Right)

I interviewed one of the founding members, Ellen Smoak, about why she and co-founder Lynan Saperstein, decided to partner with Impact Hub to host their meetings. What does Impact Hub bring to the table for these women?

“The staff is amazing, thoughtful and in alignment with our vision. The space is GORGEOUS. The environment suits our diverse membership. It’s warm, inviting and comfortable” Ellen said.




For a group with so many members and who want to focus on the things that bring all women entrepreneurs together despite their differences, a spot that felt welcome and that could hold everyone was essential. And Impact Hub and the Society of WE have an aligned mission that makes the partnership work.

When asked about the mission of Society of WE, Ellen says it’s “Supporting creative, driven, visionary entrepreneurs, while enjoying life, making amazing connections, and having tons of FUN.”

Impact Hub has a commitment to community and connection at its core too. They strive to engage with community members, and to give back more than what they receive from their members and surrounding partners.

And Austin is a hub of connection.

Of the city Ellen said “Austin is a hub for visionary entrepreneurs, high-vibe individuals interested in personal and professional development – we love that, both as a group and individually. There’s always someone standing or sitting next to you to chat with, create with, and get excited about business and life with. Being in a city full of like-minded people is inspiring, uplifting and motivating all at once. Austin is the perfect home if you want to create something spectacular in the world, while being fully supported by your community in the process.”

Impact Hub, with programs like the current workforce development accelerator and the former affordable housing accelerator, seeks to help facilitate the conversations that connect like minded people. To help the creators connect and grow, as well as create.

With these common bonds, it’s no wonder that the Society of WE and Impact Hub work well together.

Come visit the North Lamar location and be part of the community yourself. Schedule a tour here.


Article Written by Kara Perez. ‘Kara Perez is a freelance writer and the founder of Bravely, a financial literacy event company in Austin, TX.