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Meet The 2018 Affordability Accelerator Cohort


affordability accelerator

Impact Hub Austin has partnered with Google, Chase, Capital Plus Financial, BuildFax and Noble Capital to find new and innovative solutions to tackling our city’s affordability crisis.

This Fall, Impact Hub Austin will be running its second Affordability Accelerator uniting the civic, tech, and real estate industries to convene around sustainable solutions to Austin’s growing affordability crisis. But we know affordability in Austin is not defined solely by a reduction in housing costs. For the majority of Austinites, housing and transit costs are their largest monthly expenses and in our second accelerator, we are also interested in innovative ideas that address the intersection of transit and housing.

Meet our fall 2018 Affordability Accelerator cohort!

You can keep up with their journey via their weekly blogs on our Affordability Accelerator publication. Check out our Medium Channel for weekly updates on the status of each of the ventures.

Email Reagan Pugh if you’re interested in learning more about the cohort, the ventures or our accelerator program.


  • MiraLend — A digital platform that uses peer to peer lending strategies to cover unexpected expenditures; a safer, less predatory alternative to short-term loans.
  • Almost Home Financial — Almost Home Financial (“Almost Home”) is building new financial products for today’s working family by helping first-time homebuyers become mortgage-ready.
  • Built with Humanity — Built with Humanity aims to undermine the economic effect of historically racist urban development and systemic inequities by educating Black and Latinx innovators to lead equity-centered innovation in their communities; also aims to build leaders that can reshape the design of their communities by providing them with education in design, policy and social entrepreneurship as well as support them in venture incubation.
  • The Tiny Heights — A community of houses under 1,000 square feet that can be paid off within 15 years, with aims to reduce the barriers for first-time home buyers.
  • Blue Zero Homes — Their mission is to build safe, affordable and healthy homes for everyone no matter where they live using recycled materials that last for generations.
  • Affordable Housing Data Hub sponsored by Austin CityUP — Aims to provide an immediate prioritized list of currently available locations that best meet tenants’ needs, using information from housing providers, housing counselors, GIS and other sources.
  • Chicon Micro Units — Creating sustainable workforce housing in East Austin focused on serving the creative community.
  • Boomers Collaborative Foundation, Inc. — Their mission is to create a new and sustainable model for senior co-living and neighborhood co-working that allows Baby Boomers to share resources and responsibilities to thrive and age in place in retirement.
  • MEASURE — An Austin-based nonprofit that generates groundbreaking research on racial disparities and empowers communities to improve local agency services to meet their needs.