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Self-care is one of those buzzwords that everyone, from Oprah to your mom, seems to be using these days. And of course, there are plenty of companies hawking high-end products to accompany this trend. But the truth is that self-care isn’t just an empty word or corny, capitalist nonsense: It’s about actively improving your days, your weeks, and your long-term health.

And nowhere is self-care more important than at the office — after all, this is quite likely the place where you feel the most frazzled and stressed out. To help mitigate that stress, here are 4 simple self-care tips to integrate into your workday.

  1. Take a Midday Moisturizer Break. If you work in an office where the air conditioner is constantly blasting cold air in your face, it’s time to bring a little moisture back into your life. Regular old face moisturizer will do the trick, but join us in 2018, where facial oils are all the rage. When you hit your afternoon slump, spritz on a little rosewater or facial spray, then pat a couple drops of face oil on (jojoba, rosehip or argan oil from Trader Joe’s work just fine, although there are plenty of other, more luxe options out there) — not only will this keep your skin hydrated and happy, but it’ll provide a great mental pick-me-up as well.
  2. Drink a Ton of Water. Yes, you’ve heard this one before, but it bears repeating: Drinking enough water is hands-down one of the best ways to take care of your body (and, by extension, your mind). Keep a cute water bottle at your desk so you’re more likely to refill it during the day.
  3. Stretch Every Hour. If you’re cubicle-bound, one of the most vital self-care practices is to incorporate movement into your workflow. For those of us who don’t have the option of working at a standing desk, it’s crucial to get your muscles moving somehow. So, every hour, make it a point to stand up and do some quick stretches. Apart from stretching, try taking a walk in the sunshine on your lunch break or doing breathing exercises to regain some much-needed mental clarity.
  4. Pack Healthy Lunches. Nourishing your body with yummy, healthy foods at lunchtime is key. Seriously, you’ll be in a much better mood if you chow down on leafy greens, salmon, and veggies as opposed to a burger and fries. Prep a few grain bowls for the week on Sunday and bring your lunch to work so you won’t be as inclined to inhale tacos in the afternoon.

Although, tacos can totally be considered self-care, too.

Article Written by Justine Harrington. Justine Harrington is a freelance writer, travel journalist, and copywriter for lifestyle and business brands based in Austin, Texas by way of Oklahoma.