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Congratulations! You’re an Impact Hub Austin member, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Bringing together an exemplary community of changemakers and worldshakers, the Impact Hub network has both local and global perks that come part and parcel with each membership, and it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of each opportunity.

So, if you’ve recently signed up for a new membership of you’ve been a part of the family for a while but haven’t been taking full advantage of everything that’s available to you, read on for a laundry list of good things that await you.



One of the coolest things about an Impact Hub membership in any city is the fact that it connects you with like-minded social enterprise leaders around the world. Impact Hub Austin is the 77th location in a network of more than 13,000 members worldwide. Members in need of advice, inspiration, resources and more can log onto Impact Hub’s digital community, HubNet, for free to contact and commiserate with fellow Impact Hub members around the world. Email your community advocate, Lydia Sadoudi to get connected 🙂


Global connectivity within the Impact Hub network is hardly confined to the digital realm; in fact, it very much extends into the IRL world, too. Impact Hub members who travel are always welcome to pop into Impact Hub locations around the globe, and there are plenty of options: in fact, as of May 2016, 81 Impact Hub locations are open for business around the globe, with 17 additional hubs currently in the making and even more to come in the future. Simply look up the Impact Hub located in the city or cities you’re traveling to, reach out to get in touch, and be sure to do a bit of exploring once you’ve arrived. If home is where you hang your hat, then as an Impact Hub member, you’ve got nearly 100 places to call home around the globe.

Access the full listing of Impact Hub locations here so you can always feel at home in the world, no matter where your travels take you.


Of course, local connections are also a key component of the Impact Hub experience. Many of our members have formed both friendships and professional alliances as a result of working alongside one another in a supportive, creative environment, and to keep the serendipity flowing, Impact Hub Austin offers a host of casual events to help members get to know their neighbors, so to speak. Check out the monthly Wonder Brew series where you can crack open a can of locally-brewed Hops & Grain with your co-working colleagues, start your morning at a monthly Wonder Coffee event with a hot cup of joe and some warm introductions, or nourish yourself (and your social life!) by tagging along on a community lunch, hosted weekly at a rotating roster of the neighborhood’s tastiest lunch spots.

Refer to your weekly community e-newsletter, check out the events page on the IHA website, and sIgn up for the community’s Facebook page to keep up with what’s happening at the Hub.


Among the Impact Hub Austin and Vuka family of endeavors is a workshop series called Wake Up, which offers an array of thoughtfully-curated workshop experiences led by inspiring facilitators who encourage us to wake up in areas of our lives that could use a bit of nourishment. Whether it’s being a more present parent, seeking balance between our personal and professional lives, or unleashing our latent creativity, Wake Up workshops help us become our best selves while having fun and making deep connections with our own needs and wants as well as the people around us, all in a soothing and supportive environment that’s been called everything from “a life-changing experience” to “a full day’s spa treatment for the mind.”

Check out the Wake Up website and social media account of your choice (twitterFacebookInstagram) for info on upcoming workshops.


Since we can’t effectively serve others if we’re not serving our own basic needs like food, water, shelter and health, Impact Hub Austin members enjoy a special membership rate of just $16 per month at the Town Lake YMCA of Austin.

Ready to treat yourself right and shake off some stress? Email Lydia for details about doing your heart (and your wallet!) some good.


Right next door to Impact Hub Austin’s office space is
Vuka, a beautiful and organic event space existing to bring people together to celebrate life and everything in it. In addition to weddings, corporate gatherings and private parties, Vuka often hosts events that are open to the community, from nonprofit fundraisers to local artisan pop-up markets and more.

Keep an eye on the chalkboard calendar just beyond the front entrance for Vuka events that welcome our Impact Hub Austin community to attend, and bookmark the Impact Hub Austin events page for all the news that’s fit to print (digitally, that is).

Got additional ideas for how we can make Impact Hub Austin even more awesome for our members? Drop us a line and let us know!