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2018 Cohort

Meet the nine companies we are working with to make affordability a reality.

Affordable Housing Data Hub

Sponsored by Austin CityUP

An initiative to provide an immediate prioritized list of currently available locations that best meet tenants’ needs. Their objective during the accelerator is to find an organization or business structure that will sustain the list.

Almost Home Financial

The company offers a financial path for home-buyers to become mortgage-ready within three to six months, including an injection of capital in the form of shared equity to resolve credit, debt and savings hurdles, as well as a personalized playbook to provide step-by-step instructions, encourage progress and track milestones. For this accelerator they would like to run a pilot test and speak openly about finances with potential customers.

Blue Zero Homes

Blue Zero improves the quality of homes and living to create environmentally sustainable communities. Our homes are engineered and designed to provide families with the familiarity and comfort of traditional homes with added sustainable and renewable energy resources. Within the accelerator, they’re striving to build a circular community here within Central Texas. They’d like to speak with people who have experience developing communities in central Texas, legal experts around land laws and purchasing land.

Boomers Collaborative Foundation

Boomers Collaborative Foundation

As an organization, they are striving to build an affordability community living for Baby Boomers, with an additional community maker space in the area. They’re currently working on putting together a proposal for a piece of land and to move forward with the development.

Build With Humanity

Build With Humanity

We empower underserved communities to transform cities through equity-centered design and social entrepreneurship. By the end of the accelerator, they are striving to build and run a pilot program, become better connected to the underserved communities in Austin, and determine their value proposition.



MEASURE’s mission is to bridge divisions through data and public education in active partnership with local communities to address complex social problems. Within the Accelerator, they want to find and work with financial partners to make MEASURE sustainable.


MiraLend is a financial alternative for short-term loans. MiraLend hopes to run a set of pilot loans, research with potential customers and loaners.

The Chicon

The Chicon Micro Units

Creating sustainable workforce housing in East Austin focused on serving the creative community. By the end of the accelerator, they’d like to have their carless plan approved by the City of Austin and to launch a competition to choose a micro unit design.

The Tiny Heights

The Tiny Heights

The Tiny Heights is a neighborhood of homes that are under a 1,000 sqft. We help to lower the barrier of entry to homeownership utilizing tiny homes. Within their accelerator experience, they are working to purchase the land in Houston and determine the best legal structure for the land.