Partnering Quotes

With a growing presence in Austin, Google is committed to helping solve our community’s biggest challenges.  Whether it’s access to STEM education or helping find innovative solutions to transportation and affordable housing concerns, Austin Googlers want to be a part of the solution.  We are excited to support the Affordable Housing Accelerator and look forward to seeing our community move forward.

– Gerardo Interiano 
Head of External Affairs for the Southwest U.S. at Google

Home is where we raise our families. It’s safety. It’s security. And as housing becomes increasingly inaccessible and substandard, it puts that basic human need in jeopardy for many Austin community members. At BuildFax, we’re passionate about the democratization of data and technology to uphold housing safety standards and to promote transparency in real estate transactions. That’s why we’re so excited that the Affordable Housing Accelerator is fostering this collaboration and we’re thrilled to support the movement to promote change.

 – Holly Tachovsky
Founder and CEO, BuildFax