Our Values


Our intention is to create a safe place where you can drop the masks or “roles” you may assume in your everyday life and just show up as you.  In a society where we are often categorized by our accolades and accomplishments, we put our humanity first, before career accomplishments, political position, or the size of bank accounts. To build the trust needed to change the issues we face, we have to start with authenticity.


Ultimately, all of our programs at Impact Hub Austin are created for people to grow.  The Affordable Housing Accelerator is no different.  We are learners and doers and create a space to support both.  We value feedback and see it as a gift and material for our growth.


We invite you to be be bold, to take risks!  To pay attention when your inner critic is stopping you from sharing your ideas or shining brightly.  We invite you to drop the internal judge and be aware of your judgements of others.  Our intention is to create a safe experience where you are able to explore what you’re made of and to stop putting limits on yourself or others.  From here we can walk the path less traveled while honoring the past and pioneering new solutions.


Before we jump to conclusions or judgments we ask questions.  We assume goodwill in our partners and potential collaborators and that each person in this experience is working toward the same end.  We trust each other to do what we say we will do. We may have different approaches, but we share an underlying positive intention and set of values.


We remember the goal, we remember the individuals and families affected every moment in Austin when they aren’t able to find a home.  Our goal is to tangibly change this reality now and ultimately change the narrative of Austin.  We know that this impact will only be sustained through a robust and thoughtful process.  The process ensures the outcome.  And the process is where all the learning happens!


Collaboration is the key to solving the issues of our time. We welcome diversity and partner with like-minded organizations to make a meaningful difference. We understand these issues are extremely complex and any effort to address them must be inherently collaborative.